PCM is an internationally acclaimed, highly reliable, behaviorally based communication model used to individually tailor connection and motivation and build trust and rapport. PCM profiles reveal a host of insights about how a person perceives the world, how they communicate, how they are motivated and how they will behave in distress. Valid, reliable and actionable, PCM answers the “So what? Now what?” questions about how to communicate with different types of people.

Global footprint.

The Process Communication Model has been taught on five continents, in more than 30 languages, by more than 4000 PCM-certified trainers and coaches. Next Element is a distributor of PCM in the United States and its Caribbean territories, giving us the freedom and authority to train others to teach PCM, sell materials directly to these trainers and influence the success of this network.

Measurable Results.

Great training should be judged by its impact. We can share numerous testimonials and endorsements from happy clients. We decided to go one step further. We partnered with Indiana State University to conduct a three-year global study of PCM training impact in six different countries. The results, published in Training Magazine, showed significant, lasting positive impact for participants:

  • Personal relationships – 60% improvement
  • Work relationships – 63% improvement
  • Leadership skills – 61% improvement
  • Team performance – 62% improvement
  • Soft Skills – significant increases in personal efficacy that lasted even six weeks post training
  • Recommendation – 96% of participants would recommend PCM to others
  • Comparison to other models – 95% of our own training participants rate PCM as superior to any other model of communication and individual differences they’ve experienced.

Download summary article from Training Magazine (Page 6)

Our PCM Courses.

Process Communication Model Core Concepts – This three-day course is the foundation for PCM. 

  • Learn the unique perceptual frames of reference, character strengths, communication channels, leadership styles, environmental preferences, motivational needs, and detailed distress patterns of the six Kahler personality types.
  • Understand your own personality structure and communication preferences.
  • Gain awareness into your own motivation and distress patterns.
  • Receive a personal and professional action plan for success.

Process Communication Model Advanced Concepts  In this two-day advanced course you will gain deeper understanding of the psychological determinants of behavior and practice your communication skills for effective interactions.  

  • Learn the underlying causes and dynamics of failure patterns and distress behavior.
  • Recognize and respond positively to distress behaviors in yourself and others.
  • Gain greater insight into how people are motivated and change throughout their life.

Earn ICF and HRCI credits with our PCM certification.

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Next Element has established a reputation for living and breathing PCM. Anyone who spends time with this team will immediately feel the OK-OK positive energy and enthusiasm. Next Element’s pioneering work in outcomes measurement and research demonstrates a continuous commitment to excellence and accountability. Fielding five PCM trainers, including three Master Trainers and one Certifying Master Trainer, Next Element is truly a world-class center of excellence for interpersonal communication. PCM and the PCM trainers in the Next Element network are in good hands

Taibi Kahler, PHD
Founder, Kahler Communications, Inc.

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Next Element is an official PCM distributor for the United States and Carribean.