“Imagine the multiplier affect if one trainer or coach or leader transforms the communication behavior of 100 clients or employees who in turn impact thousands of co-workers who go home each night to families with their own complex social networks.”

Our highest priority is to create a thriving environment for professionals to:

  • Harness the power of energy in conflict to transform the interpersonal and group dynamics that sabotage morale, engagement and productivity – Use the energy of conflict to create rather than destroy
  • Discover how to identify and respond appropriately second-by-second to individual patterns of productive behavior (successful communication) and non-productive behavior (miscommunication) – How you say something is often more important than what you say
  • Grow and maintain a successful practice

As communication engineers/pioneers focused on transforming world conflict with compassionate accountability, we’re invested in giving you the proprietary tools to change individual, organizational and corporate lives.

We’ve crystallized everything we know, teach and model into a series of certifications to develop your skills for building cultures of Compassionate Accountability. Our certifications focus on developing and enhancing leadership competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, caring, approachability, communication, courage, authenticity, understanding of others, collaboration and conflict negotiation.

Which certification is right for you?
Use the chart below to find the best fit.

Next Element’s network is made up of great people and a team atmosphere of sharing and challenge to stay sharp in our skill sets. I love the tools I have available to measure and track tangible results.

Stephen Boster
COO, Second By Second, Certified Network Provider