Next Element is a global advisory firm specializing in leadership communication. We’ve built an international reputation for establishing “what’s next” in the interpersonal communication field. We have enjoyed remarkable success on the world stage as Process Communication Model® leaders and pioneers.

We build what we call cultures of compassionate accountability. Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama® model for positive conflict is rapidly gaining traction worldwide as the next frontier for global leadership. Using this and other transformative communication strategies, we equip leaders with influence to affect positive change in the environments where they are at work.

In the first years of our practice, we were at work with companies and organizations, training and coaching executives and teams.

Today, we operate with a narrower focus.

Next Element desires to be the premier global laboratory for advancing the art and science of transformative interpersonal communication. We have simplified our business model to become the world trainer of trainers. Through a dedicated program of research and development we’ll serve organizational change agents with the most practical, elegant interpersonal communication techniques available today to equip them to coach their clients to high performance and confidence. Our goal is to inspire positive change in every marketplace in the world by training to excellence the change agents who will help equip the next generation of world leaders.

I have been to a number of self help, motivational and improvement seminars during my career. This by far outranks them all. Very worthwhile investment of my time. Wish I had this information 20 years ago.

Dan Roberson
PDC Companies, Little Rock, Ark.

Leadership is the most important element of any organization. For a non-profit with 120 staff and more than 6,000 volunteers, leadership is an essential component in helping us accomplish our mission. Next Element has been fundamental to the development of our executive team. Their communication training and executive coaching has produced executive leadership that is able to better communicate and lead our diverse workforce through major changes.

Dan Soliday
CEO, Big Brothers Big Sister of Kansas

Next Element was an essential partner in helping our organization through a major restructure. Their training and leadership development with our directors around the state has dramatically reduced workplace drama and helped create a team environment that is more productive, less stressful and critical to achieving our mission of mentoring 10,000 youth who are facing adversity.

Dan Soliday
CEO, Big Brothers Big Sister of Kansas

Effective communication and team alignment are central to our efficiency and competitive advantage. Partnering with Next Element has been a significant step in moving us toward our goals. Without exception, our leadership team believed that Next Element provided the most effective and applicable training program they have ever participated in.

Dan Stutterheim
President, KASA Companies

Great framework for understanding why conflict in the workplace may occur, and how to diffuse it through understanding of personality types, their motivators, their stressors.

Nadine Kano
Senior Director, Microsoft

We transformed a system that was fairly jumbled and chaotic into a system that is streamlined and simplified, with teams of caregivers synchronizing their work together for one purpose — improved patient-centered care. Next Element’s expertise has been an essential component in our efforts.

Terry L. Mills, MD

Today, we’re training to excellence the change agents who will help equip the next generation of world leaders.

What is an organizational change agent?

A person who uses their gifts, experience, training, authority and influence to guide and shape others. Coaches, advisors, professional trainers and facilitators, human resource/organizational development professionals, consultants, thought leaders, forward-thinking executives, tribal leaders, government officials are among this group of people. Many of these people are also opinion leaders who inform culture with their thoughts, actions and patterns of behavior.

MyNE is Next Element’s relationship portal.

Whether you’re an individual trainer/consultant developing your business, or an in-house trainer adding to your toolset, we are committed to be with you every step of the way: before, during and after your certification!

MyNE, Next Element’s relationship portal is one of the many support services NE network providers receive to help build confidence and competence.

MyNE is a Next Element provider’s secure portal to manage all training and coaching activities. It is encrypted and confidential. It is the primary source of program management, communication, metrics and collection and analysis of assessments and outcomes.

We transfer our DNA to you.

We serve high-value organizational change agents. We offer a certification trek and leadership trek.

We deconstruct everything we know, are and do and transfer that intelligence to you. At the peak of this upward learning and discovery journey is your masterful application of our tools, models, knowledge and attitudes. In a sense, we are franchising the Next Element DNA. Why? Next Element is deeply invested in helping you lead for good. If we give away what we know, we have exponentially more opportunity with you to change the world in a positive way.