Compassion is the signature competency for leading through disruption, transition, and change. It is the price of entry for the future.

We train leaders how to bring more compassion to every interaction for breakthrough results.

Delighted Clients

I now have the knowledge and tools to identify and address the deep underlying issue and make a meaningful difference in my clients’ lives rather than feeling moderately effective at addressing the symptoms that are on the surface.

Laura Sharp

Truly life changing! I wish that I’d had this experience decades ago.

Jolynn Berk
Account Executive

With the framework of understanding and skills learned from Next Element, I found the confidence I needed to invite my team who was experiencing conflict into a new kind of conversation. I knew I did not have the answers, but I was able to trust the compassionate process, and we are at a new place of beginning together again with renewed trust and confidence in one another.

Karen Rice Ratzlaff
Pastor, Trainer

"Unbeatable professional development, the most significant postgraduate training in my 35-yr career. Will impact on every facet of my professional and private life. Life-changing”

Dr. David Woods
LOD Provider

"I continue to use PCM and believe it to be the best training I have ever received in my professional career. I am getting better at picking out personality traits in interviews with new employees and figuring out my teenagers at home! PCM is an important part of our shift to a culture of Servant Leadership within the city organization."

Suzanne Loomis, P.E., City Engineer/ Director Public Works
City of Newton, Newton, KS

Next Element is an exceptional training organization. The training is efficient, intense, stimulating and full of heart. Fires the imagination. Saddle up and come prepared. It will change your life.

David Romero
Trainer, Consultant, Coach

One word — Wow! Two words additionally — Life Changing!

Mary Anne Ackerman
School Superintendent

The training I attended was, by far, the most intense but rewarding training I have ever attended. Nate was a supportive leader, knowledgeable teacher, and incredible representative for Next Element. Thank you all for your hospitality.

Mae Bullock, Literacy Specialist, ISD287
PCM Certified Provider

I have participated in several executive leadership development courses at Next Element. Each session has been extremely beneficial with practical application to real healthcare organizational issues.

Marlene Pietrrocola
Nurse Executive Educator

Since undertaking both PCM and now LOD I feel I have far more meaningful relationships, through deeper connections and communication. More recently I have felt a greater sense of empowerment and control over my feelings and wellbeing - especially when facing drama or conflict.

Chris Donlon
Australian Rules Football - Senior Field Umpire & Grand Final Umpire

PCM is a communication tool that feels totally new and comprehensive and amazing, and also very familiar like an old friend. It has opened my eyes on how to better communicate with my teenage son, and for that the learning is priceless. I plan to incorporate this into all my communication, home and work, and have no doubt it will improve my world. Thank you Next Element for offering this class to me.

Phyllis Jones
PCM training participant

We transformed a system that was fairly jumbled and chaotic into a system that is streamlined and simplified, with teams of caregivers synchronizing their work together for one purpose — improved patient-centered care. Next Element’s expertise has been an essential component in our efforts.

Terry L. Mills, MD

Partnering with Next Element has been a significant step in moving us toward our goals. Without exception, our leadership team believed the PCM training was the most effective and applicable training program they have ever participated in.

Dan Stutterheim
President, Kasa Companies

This training has provided more resources to actually implement effective communication processes than I have ever experienced. My team and I are seeing immediate results.

Jerrie Rankin
Healthcare Administrator

"It has been a pleasure to work with Next Element. They have been flexible in working with us and creating a program around our needs."

Lyle Thiessen, Trainer/Consultant
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

The staff of Next Element represents a perfect blend of sensitivity, wisdom and professional expertise. They possess an uncanny ability to help individuals and team members work through professional and interpersonal challenges by creating cultures of respect, creativity and enhanced problem solving.

Bryan Harness

I believe NE is deeply invested in the success of those they certify and serve. They are committed to building long-term relationships of support and accountability. They not only teach their tools and models, but use and live them every day.

Karen Rice Ratzlaff
Pastor, Trainer

Next Element connects the dots between communication, group dynamics and action for organizations and individuals.

Kathleen Friesen
Principal, Friesen Group

The immersion of LOD and PCM into who I am has been life-altering in all my relationships. I am passionate about inviting others daily by exposing them to the possibilities of positive conflict and better understanding of self.

Joy Hoofer
Therapist, Consultant, Trainer

Why do I feel so good after contact with Next Element? Because the team practices the Compassion Cycle in every interaction. I feel safe to work through problems and find solutions. Sometimes I just call to recharge my battery! Thank you for being there when I need you. Even though I live and work in Romania, I feel like Next Element is by my side as I grow my training business.

Daniela Ciobatar
LOD Certified Provider, DC Catalyst

Next Element has come up with a beautifully simple and applicable model for approaching conflict with creativity, compassion and collaboration.

Professional Trainer

Next Element goes above and beyond in their commitment to making me a successful member of the team, whether it be in the form of helping me with marketing or strategies on how to approach a client.

Jason Leal
Trainer, Consultant

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