Next Element helps people spend less energy in drama, and more energy producing amazing results. We train, certify and coach healthy conflict and adaptive communication skills so that companies can build cultures of Compassionate Accountability.™

Whether you are a trainer, a coach or a leader looking for what’s next, there is a path for you. Begin your journey by focusing on you. Here are the Next Element courses available through Next Element or one of our Network Providers. 

NE Essentials Explore the foundational skills for positive conflict and adaptive communication. In this highly experiential two-day course you will learn how to:

  • Adapt your communication style to interact with different types of people and truly leverage diversity
  • Demonstrate and foster an environment of safety, curiosity, and consistency when engaging conflict
  • Feel confident in your ability to turn negative conflict into win-win interactions

Available exclusively through Next Element.

Conflict and You: The Basics of Compassionate Accountability – In this half-day introductory course, discover basic strategies for transforming the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution.

  • Understand your role in drama and negative conflict.
  • Learn to adjust your behavior for healthier and more effective interactions.
  • Feel more confident in engaging in positive conflict with others.
  • Be the person who can do conflict without all the drama. 

Leader’s Application Pack – Four guided handbooks help leaders apply Compassionate Accountabilityin everyday interactions that have the highest potential for drama. Handbooks require 2-4 hours to work through, and culminate with action plans and quick reference guides.

  • Connections: Improve connections, strengthen work relationships and build trust at all levels of the organization.
  • Meetings: Foster an environment of safety, curiosity and consistency in every meeting to increase productivity and achieve results.
  • Performance Conversations: Conduct performance conversations on a regular basis to balance care and concern with attention to results.
  • Apologies: Learn and apply a four-step process for apologies that show humility, take responsibility, regain trust and rebuild relationships.

LOD Core Concepts  In this one-day foundational course, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Compassionate Accountability. You will learn to:

  • Recognize drama, drama roles and behaviors.
  • Understand cultures of gossip and sabotage.
  • Recognize the difference between drama-based helping and compassion-based helping.
  • Distinguish between good and bad conflict and how to struggle with, rather than against, one-another.
  • Recognize three key indicators that you are slipping into dram
  • Identify three choices you can make to stay healthy.
  • Learn and practice the formula for compassionate conflict.
  • Develop a personal action plan to apply Compassionate Accountability skills going forward.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Diagnostics  In this one-day advanced course, you will master the art of recognizing drama and compassion. 

  • Explore the nuances of what drama and compassion look, feel and sound like.  
  • Raise your awareness of drama behaviors and your capability to respond in compassion.
  • Demonstrate and detect the verbal and non-verbal features of each compassion skill.
  • Practice decoding oral and written communication.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Intra-Personal – In this one-day advanced course, master Compassionate Accountability from within. 

  • Explore strategies for being your best self when engaging in conflict.  
  • Discover your own traps and build your toolkit for keeping positive energy and letting go of negative energy.
  • Understand the key stress-coping habits that contribute to your negative behavior.
  • Enhance your personal development plan.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Inter-Personal  In this one-day advanced course, master Compassionate Accountability with others. 

  • Gain greater awareness into drama-based helping and practice strategies for inviting a new approach to being helpful.  
  • Practice strategies to engage  in positive conflict with others by applying the formula for compassionate conflict. 
  • Enhance your personal development plan.

Process Communication Model Core Concepts – This three-day course is the foundation for PCM. 

  • Learn the unique perceptual frames of reference, character strengths, communication channels, leadership styles, environmental preferences, motivational needs, and detailed distress patterns of the six Kahler personality types.
  • Understand your own personality structure and communication preferences.
  • Gain awareness into your own motivation and distress patterns.
  • Receive a personal and professional action plan for success.

Process Communication Model Advanced Concepts  In this two-day advanced course you will gain deeper understanding of the psychological determinants of behavior and practice your communication skills for effective interactions.  

  • Learn the underlying causes and dynamics of failure patterns and distress behavior.
  • Recognize and respond positively to distress behaviors in yourself and others.
  • Gain greater insight into how people are motivated and change throughout their life.

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