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Six Bad Habits You Can Repurpose For Good in 2018: Part One

Have you made any new year’s resolutions to kick an unhealthy habit and set a new course? What if your worst bad habits were linked to your personality? Good luck with that!

It could actually be a blessing in disguise. The bad news is that most of us have some pretty enduring bad habits that have been with us since an early age, closely tied to our personalities. For example, my personality is highly tuned to focus on tasks and excitement. I’m fun to be around and I get stuff done. My bad habit is I’m a terrible listener. I focus much more on my own agendas than the people around me, so I miss stuff.

The good news is that behind every bad habit are some awesome character strengths that can be leveraged for good. (more…)

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When Personality Meets Communication

Recently at an international conference for Process Communication Model® (PCM) Master Trainers, I was inspired by a presentation by two friends and colleagues of mine who trainer PCM in Germany and Austria. They provided a terrific contrast between models of personality that typecast people, and models of communication that teach people how to communicate for better relationships. I asked these PCM gurus to share their perspective in this guest post. Thank you to Uwe Reiner-Kolouch & Rainer Musselmann for sharing your wisdom and experience. (more…)

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Pixar’s Secret Weapon all Leaders Should Know About

Pixar Studios has created some of the biggest blockbuster animated motion pictures in history. From The Incredibles, to Nemo, to Cars, their movies resonate with all ages and keep us coming back for more.

Pixar has a secret weapon. They use a language-based personality and communication model called Process Communication to help design their characters and storylines. (more…)

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