Tackling Workplace Conflict: Research And Best Practices To Stop The Drama

On average, employees around the world spend about 2.1 hours per week, or over one day per month, dealing with workplace conflict in some way. In the US, that number is higher (2.8 hrs/week) equating to approximately $359 billion in paid hours. Non-profit sectors experience the most workplace conflict, with nearly 48% of employees reporting conflict at work.

What is the actual prevalence of conflict in the workplace, what causes it, and what opportunities are there for positive changes? To answer this, I’ve studied the most comprehensive workplace conflict research I could find, a 2008 study commissioned by CPP Inc., one of Europe’s leading business psychology firms, and Fellipelli, one of South America’s leading business psychology firms. The study included survey data from 5000 employees at all levels of their companies in nine countries around Europe and the Americas and remains some of the most comprehensive and useful research available. Here’s a summary. (more…)

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It Takes More Than Grit To Succeed

The concept of grit has been made popular by psychologist Angela Duckworth, with her best-selling book by the same name. She reports on research showing that people who are more persistent, focused, and dedicated are more successful.

Is grit enough?

While I totally appreciate the importance of stick-to-it-iveness, something about Duckworth’s assertions didn’t sit right with me. This article by Daniel Goleman gave voice to my concern. Goleman’s commentary on grit has two basic points: (more…)

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What’s Next.

We’ve spent the past year determining the future of Next Element. We have enjoyed remarkable success on the world stage as Process Communication Model® leaders and pioneers in the area of harnessing conflict for positive change.

What’s next is not a decision to rest in the success we have enjoyed. Coming next is a focused initiative to develop a larger global footprint and deeper traction as a communication innovator.

We’re in the final planning stages of new initiatives:

  • Stronger, more rapid research and development.
  • Innovative resources, including emerging interpersonal communication tools, for high-value organizational change agents and thought leaders (human resource/organizational development professionals, trainers and consultants, college and professional athletic coaches, life coaches, advisors and professional trainers).
  • A development “portal” with additional levels of field certification.
  • Evolution of NEOS®—our proprietary standard outcomes measurement tool—as a fully automated web application.


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