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I start every day by scanning my email inbox and reading the subject lines. Before I open anything, I dismiss the ones I don’t want, don’t recognize, don’t need, or won’t read. It’s time consuming and frustrating. I do this every day.

Ninety percent of the emails I delete are from the same source every day. So frustrating! Why do they keep hounding me? How did I even get myself on that list!?

I tell myself I really should unsubscribe so that I can eliminate the hassle. But I don’t, for a variety of reasons. Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, I keep dismissing and complaining.

Unsubscribing is much more difficult than dismissing or complaining.

  • It requires a conscious choice
  • It requires time and effort
  • Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and involves conflict
  • You might be asked to disclose your intentions and desires
  • It means you are letting go of that opportunity in tomorrow’s inbox

What if today you unsubscribed from avoidance, blame, excuses, worry, and fear? What if you made a conscious choice, took the time and made the effort, faced the conflict, disclosed your intentions, and let go of drama?

What would be left in your inbox?

What could you do with all that extra energy?

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P.S. Although I hope you don’t unsubscribe from my blog, you have my permission to let it go if it’s not enriching your life in some way. What I’d prefer is if you engaged with me, shared your comments, and let me know what I could do to make it better. 

1 Comment

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  • Thank you Nate, this is a great reminder. I find that if I don’t intentionally stay mindful, drama has a way of sneaking back in! (Or worse yet, I’m guilty of creating it.) IT. IS. EVERYWHERE!


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