Building Cultures of Compassionate Accountability

Compassionate Accountability resets our approach to life by shifting the framework for leadership, communication and conflict. Engage the best in yourself and others for effective and lasting change.

Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama® (LOD) system is the vehicle that delivers Compassionate Accountability. LOD equips you with skills to transform the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution, every day, in every interaction, for powerful personal and professional development. Don’t shy away from conflict; use it!

Do you Experience

  • Unproductive meetings?
  • Gossip?
  • Strained relationships?
  • Lack of accountability?
  • Difficult performance conversations?
  • Passive-aggressive behavior?
  • Absenteeism and low engagement?
  • Resistance to change?


“If you are a stress-reducer, you are going to do well. If you are a drama-creator, you’re not going to do well.”

– Mark Cuban

Do You Want To

  • Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility to stop drama?
  • Facilitate positive conflict to ignite innovation and ownership?
  • Hold people and yourself accountable while preserving dignity?
  • Enhance your positive influence, credibility, and authenticity?
  • Transform difficult conversations into learning opportunities?
  • Break free from unhealthy relationship dynamics?
  • Improve internal and cross-functional team performance?
  • Improve team morale and productivity?
  • Become a better facilitator, trainer, coach, or mentor?

Dr. Nate Regier on “Leading Out of Drama”

We all have drama in some shape or form in our workplace. The Next Element models help you find drama where it lurks, confront it strategically and effectively, and improve communication, collaboration, and accountability by reducing the impact of drama roles in the workplace.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

"People tend to slip into drama easily without intention, and sometimes even with intention. And here in China we are no different than the rest of the world. With Next Element's Leading Out of Drama program people are alerted and helped with necessary skills to handle conflicts. More importantly, LOD turn conflicts into opportunities to create positive results."

Jeremy Zhuli, Owner
First Priority Consulting, Shanghai, China

I firmly believe that Compassionate Accountability is a foundational leadership competency and I am increasingly seeing the power and benefit of its application. As a leadership coach for activists and socially conscious businesses, it is a privilege to be able to facilitate the development of such an intuitive, simple and authentic approach that can only accelerate positive change in the world.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

"Everybody wants a “Level 5” leader in their life. Compassionate Accountability provided me a terrific framework to become more caring with people while staying committed to results."

Mat Dewing, Regional President
Pivot Physical Therapy

Most conflict models can be complicated to the point of diminished usefulness. The elegance of this model is, among other things, its simplicity. I believe it is a game-changer.

Joy Hoofer
LOD Provider

I’m impressed by the impact of this very simple concept and the potential for this as a tool in helping organizations move forward in a positive way. In my industry that means improved safety and in personal life it means freedom and authenticity.

Business Owner
Sydney Australia

What I like about this model and the approach is I find it immediately defuses the tension and stress when you start at Open. It is a hard skill to consistently do because emotions get in the way. But the process is simple and logical and simply makes sense.

Sales Manager, The Bradbury Group

This course has taught me the power of having the right communication both verbally and within thoughts. I am excited to use this personally as I deal with 'drama' daily in a Human Resources position.

Christie Dent
HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

Your concept of compassionate accountability gives voice to a movement that is gaining momentum and is terribly needed.

Neal Maillet
Editor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

With LOD I can add a skill that will help me change the perspective on people and conflict. As trainer, coach and manager, this is a priceless tool for keeping the energy flowing. And it WORKS! Love it.

Business Leader and Trainer

The Compassion Cycle is an elegant and powerful tool. I'm amazed at how quickly my own behavior is changing based on the awareness I gained and the ease of applying Compassionate Accountability. All of my day-to-day interactions are becoming more rewarding and require less energy because I can easily apply these new skills to every situation. I feel so much more empowered as a leader, to recognize negative behavior and address it on the spot.

LaRita Jarvis
LOD Provider

Compassionate Accountability Resource Center

Our best stuff, curated for you.

Compassion Cycle

Discover an elegant and powerful framework to reset your approach to leadership, communication and conflict


Transform emotionally toxic cultures into cultures of safety


Transform cultures of stagnation and irrelevance into cultures of innovation


Transform cultures lacking follow-through into cultures of consistency & execution

Why Compassionate Accountability?

Compassionate Accountability helps you struggle with others instead of against them. We help leaders become recognized for their:

Key Components

  • Personalized, accurate, and relevant assessment
  • Scalable training system and infrastructure
  • Effective coaching tools and strategies
  • Train the trainer certification
  • Support network

LOD is a comprehensive and scalable training system that applies the skills of Compassionate Accountability to wide range of personal, professional, leadership, organizational, and culture change goals.

Where Do I Start?

The LOD system draws on evidence-based best practices, years of outcomes research, and experience across multiple organizational, cultural and team environments.

Individuals seeking enhanced self-awareness and conflict communication skills can explore and apply Compassionate Accountability at their own pace with our easy to use resources.

Leaders seeking to improve their communication and conflict negotiation competencies can choose from a global network of LOD-certified professionals who are equipped to facilitate, teach, and coach new skills for compassionate accountability.

Organizations wanting to build cultures of Compassionate Accountability will have access to our comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable model for positive conflict.

Trainers, coaches, and facilitators looking for a new set of tools will have a variety of curriculum and certification, as well as a supportive global network and resources.