PCM Leadership Profile

Discover your unique PCM Personality Structure and unleash your leadership potential with better self-awareness, self-management, communication, positive influence, decision-making, and distress management. Build on the powerful leadership principles in the book, Seeing People Through, and the free Facilitator’s Guide.

Additional Features of the PCM Leadership Profile

  • Executive Summary
  • Action plan for leadership success and agility
  • Tips on how to reduce your risk of burnout

NOTE: Only available to people living in the United States.

Key to Me with One-Hour Consultation

a Process Communication Model Profile

The PCM Key to Me Profile is a great way to explore all the potential in your personality. Complete your assessment and spend an hour with a Next Element PCM Certified Trainer who will help you explore the unique facets of your personality as you build self awareness around your strengths, communication preferences, and effective ways to thrive and be your best self.

Great for couples!

Purchase the Key to Me. Complete the Assessment. Schedule your One-hour Consultation.

Conflict without Casualties

Conflict without Casualties

by Dr. Nathan Regier

Provocative, illuminating and endlessly informative, Conflict without Casualties will transform both the way you see and feel about other people and the way you approach conflict and accountability. In it, Regier brings us the collective intelligence of Next Element, the firm he co-founded that serves as international advisor to high-value change agents. This book embodies the lessons of Leading out of Drama,® Next Element’s suite of training and certification tools. In true field guide fashion, it becomes the central reference point for Next Element’s work across the world.

Available locally at Faith & Life Bookstore in Newton, KS and Watermark Books in Wichita, KS

The Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit

The Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit

by Next Element

The Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit our best collection of self-guided resources for busy leaders to increase their influence through positive conflict. Get four follow-up emails with personal videos and resources from our CEO and author of Conflict Without Casualties, Dr. Nate Regier.

Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires

by Dr. Nathan Regier and Jeff King

Next Element’s first book has been a hit with critics and fans alike. In addition to learning about Next Element’s origins and core principles, discover a treasure trove of insightful perspectives and tools to resist the negative pull of drama and turn it into positive energy. Ideal for leaders, parents, coaches and anyone who wants to stop the drain of energy vampires.

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