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Any group looking for inspiration around the difficult issues of workplace drama, personality clashes, and difficult conversations will find it with Dr. Nate Regier. Within moments, audiences of hundreds or thousands will connect with Nate’s masterful storytelling and candid transparency. He takes each group through a journey of awareness, insight, hope, and practical strategies to immediately put learning into action.

Nate’s mission is to shift the balance of energy in the world by spreading the message of compassionate accountability—a message that is resonating loudly with audiences across the globe, in every industry and profession.

As the son of missionary parents who brought tribal leaders together in Africa, a PhD psychologist, a PCM Certifying Master Trainer, a leadership advisor, father, and successful business owner, Dr. Regier makes magic with his mix of deep knowledge, curiosity, passion, and most importantly, real-world hard knocks. Nate’s not afraid to get honest, challenge old habits, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Wisdom Destinations—Compassion At Work

Dr. Nate Regier on The Compassion Mindset

Dr. Nate Regier on “Keynote Speaking”

Dr. Nate Regier Speaking

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Past Venues

Dr. Regier gave an uplifting and positive message to a sold out house of Spokane leaders looking for a message of unity and support against our present day challenging and complicated environment. His cheerful message of reaching out and channeling conflict to positive outcomes is a powerful leadership lesson both individuals and organizations can benefit from.

Brian Newberry
Executive Director, Leadership Spokane

Dr. Regier is a very dynamic and charismatic speaker. He engaged our very diverse audience with stories to emphasize the usefulness of his approach for dealing with drama at work and at home. By sharing examples from his own experiences, he came across as relatable and insightful. After Dr. Regier’s presentation, our group was equipped with new tools for handling difficult situations both at work and at home.

Dr. Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN, FAAN
Co-Lead, Kansas Action Coalition

"Dr. Nate Regier brought his signature passion and authenticity to our workshop. Our attendees went from hesitant to fully engaged within the first 45 minutes; an accomplishment not all speakers can claim! His personal stories brought deeper meaning to the theories, and attendees left with a connection from not just the teachings, but also the stories and how they related to their own lives.”

Regional Family Manager
Young Professionals Organization

“Nate was masterful at connecting with the audience, and he displayed an uncommon and authentic confidence with humility. He was powerful at helping us see roadblocks without embarrassment. He was patient and gentle with the skeptics, finally winning them over. And, he was inspiring and encouraging with the timid, who left the training feeling a great deal of empowerment, new skills and hope for leading themselves out of drama.”

Mat Dewing, Regional President
Pivot Physical Therapy

"Nate Regier's Conflict without Casualties presentation was of great help for our company as we strive to maintain a low drama work culture. Nate has a way of getting you to see solutions in new ways. He taught us to identify conflict and use compassion to resolve issues in a healthy efficient way. I highly recommend this session!"

Todd Brunner, CEO
Members Mortgage Services, LLC

You could actually see facial expressions and body language change and relax as the information took hold. Nate’s presentation and communication skills are second to none—energetic, polished, interactive, confident and entertaining.


Dr. Regier’s “Conflict Without Casualties” workshop was, hands down, the best session I’ve ever attended dealing with practical strategies to manage conflict in a positive and creative way without the drama often associated with disagreement. Nate’s interactive style kept all participants engaged. I would highly recommend this training for all health care professionals!

Barbara Richardson, PhD, RN
Director, Interprofessional Education & Research

In a conference that featured prominent national speakers, many of our attendees told us that Dr. Regier’s presentations were the highlight of the conference.

Scott Anglemyer
Executive Director, Kansas Association of Community Action Programs

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Signature Keynotes

The Compassion Effect
Leaders want to make a difference and are often drained by people problems. The Compassion Effect will inspire your audience and give them hope for higher levels of connection and engagement.

Conflict Without Casualties
Conflict isn’t the problem. Distinguish drama from compassion, and learn how to apply compassionate accountability to transform relationships and communication.

The Positives Behind Negative Attention
Most negative distress behavior stems from unmet positive needs. What are they, and how can you turn negative energy into positive contribution?

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