An Embargo On Emotional Exports

Have you ever heard someone express an emotional concern and then someone else gets busy trying to fix it? Someone might say, “I’m worried about the financial stability of our new investment partner.” Immediately, someone else tries to defend the financial stability of the new business partner, or go find information to help soothe this person’s worry. It’s like others accept the export, take on that person’s emotion, and then try to solve it for them. The exporting of emotions is a pervasive phenomenon that consumes tremendous amounts of time and results in very little positive outcomes. It’s drama.

I quit.

I’m done taking responsibility for other people’s feelings.

I’m declaring a personal embargo on emotional exports. 

Don’t get me wrong. I care about your feelings. Nevertheless, your emotional concerns are not my responsibility. Your emotional concerns are your responsibility because your emotions are yours alone. Your emotions are a product of how you are interpreting and experiencing what’s going on around you. They aren’t meant for anyone else. They aren’t ours to fix.

Having said that, I really want to have a relationship with you that is based on compassionate accountability, not the drama of expectations, assumptions, guilt, and innuendo.

So here’s what you can count on from me.

  • I’ll listen to your feelings and validate what you are experiencing.
  • I’ll empathize with you if I’ve been through something similar.
  • I won’t judge, re-define, minimize, or try to fix your feelings.
  • I will ask you about your motives.
  • I will ask you if want any support or help.
  • I won’t take action or help without your permission and request.
  • I will struggle with you in a spirit of dignity.

To keep responsibility where it belongs, I ask these things of you.

  • Share with me how you are feeling, positive or negative.
  • Don’t expect me to do anything about it without your invitation.
  • If you want help, ask me.
  • Struggle with me, not against me.

I will not accept your emotional exports. I will struggle with you when you ask for what you want.

Copyright Next Element Consulting, 2017

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