Why Friends at Work Are Good For Business


I’ve always had friends at work. In fact, some of my best friends I met at work. All of my current co-workers are friends. Having a friend at work isn’t just a nice perk, it’s a main ingredient for success. Friends at work,

  • Give you something to look forward to each day.
  • Provide a listening ear when things aren’t going well.
  • Help hold you accountable.
  • Look out for your best interests.
  • Show you the ropes.
  • Encourage you to be your best.
  • Hold up a mirror when others won’t.
  • Tell you the truth.
  • Check in on you when you don’t show up.
  • Want you to be happy.
  • Introduce you to more friends.
  • Talk shop with you outside of work.

Do you have a friend at work? How does it help in your success? Will you share your story in the comments?

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  • I agree with the premise, but I don’t think most friends are good at helping to hold their friends accountable or holding up a mirror when others won’t. In theory, they should have that credibility with each other. But in practice, I don’t think they have the stomach for the potential conflict.


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