What Is Your Relationship With Time?

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What is your relationship with time? Are you a spender, a buyer, or a filler?

Spenders see time as a resource to be managed. They feel better when they can be productive with their time. They are possessive of time even though they can’t control it. They view lack of productivity as a waste of time. Time can easily become their master. I’m a spender, so it’s no surprise that I still haven’t experienced the “slowing down” that everyone predicted with sheltering in place during Covid-19.

Buyers see time as something that’s always getting away from them; they never have enough. They wish for more, even though they can’t control it. They are usually worried about the future and can’t enjoy the moment because time is running out.

Fillers have little respect for the value of time. They see it as something to tolerate while waiting for whatever is next. Time is a thorn in their side. Fillers are bored a lot and miss interesting opportunities right in front of them.

There is another relationship with time that brings joy and satisfaction without the downsides. Presence. When we are present with ourselves and each other, when we stop worrying about how it’s being spent, where it’s going, or what’s next, we can experience that magical moment where time stands still. Or it flies.

Either way, presence transcends the boundaries of time.

Today, make time to be present with yourself or someone else in your life. It’s a moment you won’t regret.

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Give yourself the gift of greater presence during this time of disruption and change.

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