NEOS® is Next Element’s flagship program outcomes assessment. It’s the world’s first context-sensitive efficacy outcomes system.

NEOS was designed by Next Element to measure changes in self-efficacy or belief in one’s ability to respond to various life conditions. Trainers, coaches and executive change agents can specify contexts of particular relevance to their goals. NEOS can be used as a one-time assessment, an outcomes measure, a 360-degree evaluation tool, a coaching and supervision tool, or a team-development framework.

NEOS items are written at a 5th-grade reading level. NEOS allows the administrator to specify up to three contexts that fit unique program goals. For example, a key team member may be asked to rate themselves as a member of a work group, as a supervisor and at home with family.

NEOS has undergone extensive research to test criterion validity, response-format methodology, scale reliability and cross-cultural relevance in samples from Australia, New Zealand, United States, France, Switzerland, Germany and South America.

Anyone can benefit from NEOS®

  1. Create a MyNE account
  2. Purchase NEOS for $99 (pay $2/per participant/per assessment to set up groups)
  3. Order outcomes
  4. See aggregate data

Next Element network certified trainers enjoy additional features

  1. Get NEOS free
  2. Pay nothing to set up groups
  3. Order outcomes
  4. See aggregate data
  5. See activity history for clients
  6. Form network trainer teams to share data

See these outcomes. Enjoy these functionalities.

NEOS contains nine behaviorally anchored questions that are content-neutral and assess three dimensions of effective functioning:


Trust, transparency, courage with self and others, self-awareness, confidence in oneʼs adequacy and willingness to ask for and receive help


Creativity, open-mindedness, problem-solving, innovation, discovery, optimism and capacity for failing forward and bouncing back


Capacity for sticking with it, perseverance and courage

Using NEOS to track self-efficacy outcomes gives me immediate feedback on my trainings so I can keep growing and learning through my experiences with my clients. Seeing where I am most, and least, effective helps me make adjustments where needed. This helps me be accountable for the services I provide for clients.

Jason Leal
Owner, TalkNotch Consulting