LOD® for Organizations

Bringing Compassionate Accountability to Your Organization

Introducing the principles and skills of Compassionate Accountability in your culture will help you:

  • Negotiate change quicker and more smoothly
  • Increase safety and trust
  • Boost innovation
  • Enhance accountability
  • Improve engagement and participation
  • Develop leadership at all levels

“CEOs greatest area of concern is in improving their conflict management skills, with 43% rating it the most important skill for a CEO. That’s because by the time an issue hits their desk, the easy solutions have been tried and multiple constituencies are involved.”

Source: 2013 Executive Coaching Survey performed by the Stanford Business Graduate School.

Every person who interacts with clients or manages employees needs to learn Compassionate Accountability, because without it you might as well be flying blind. In the decades that I've been designing and delivering corporate training, I have not come across anything even remotely as effective for retaining talented staff, boosting productivity, reducing the time it takes to inspire healthy turnover as well as creating culture of innovation and engagement.

LaRita Jarvis
LOD Provider

I firmly believe that Compassionate Accountability is a foundational leadership competency and I am increasingly seeing the power and benefit of its application. As a leadership coach for activists and socially conscious businesses, it is a privilege to be able to facilitate the development of such an intuitive, simple and authentic approach that can only accelerate positive change in the world.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

Leading out of Drama is my favorite (leadership development course) because it is so well done and relevant to the drama that is escalating in healthcare and the profession of nursing. This program requires commitment to being a compassionate and effective communicator. I really see that this program will resolve the negative conflict that we all face if applied consistently. It really does work!

Marlene Pietrocola, DNP, MBA, RN
Tabor College

This course was such a valuable experience and has changed the way I will think about myself and how I show up in particular situations and meetings, but also how I can more constructively engage with others. Absolutely recommend!

CEO - IT Consultancy, Australia

LOD is easy to sell to my clients because it is elegantly simple and people walk away with working knowledge within the first 20 minutes. They are immediately hooked. They see and receive value right away.

Adam Barlow-Thompson
SoCe Leads

This course has taught me the power of having the right communication both verbally and within thoughts. I am excited to use this personally as I deal with 'drama' daily in a Human Resources position.

Christie Dent
HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

Impressed by the impact of this very simple concept and the potential for this as a tool in helping organizations move forward in a positive way In my industry that means improved safety and in personal life it means freedom and authenticity.

Sydney Australia Participant

Fascinating, valuable, inspiring and ready to use. All in one training. As coach, mediator and trainer I thought I knew already a lot regarding communication and conflicts. LOD with Nate Regier opened a new door with immediate succes the next day when I used it during an evaluation at a business meeting.

LOD Otterlo Participant

We all have drama in some shape or form in our workplace. The Next Element models help you find drama where it lurks, confront it strategically and effectively, and improve communication, collaboration, and accountability by reducing the impact of drama roles in the workplace.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

Next Element team practices what they preach. It is always a great pleasure to be around them and their network. A drama-free atmosphere, with brilliant and humble people!

LOD Provider/Practitioner/Facilitator Certification Participant

An incredible innovation in conflict and communication.

Sydney Australia Participant

Next Element goes above and beyond in their commitment to helping me be a successful member of the team. Whether it be in the form of helping me with marketing or strategies on how to approach a client. I leave my meetings with Next Element feeling prepared to be open with clients to hear what they want/say, so that I can commit to advising them to reach their goals.

Jason Leal
Trainer, Consultant

We have a variety of assessments and modular, scalable curriculum to help your organization build a culture of compassionate accountability. If you would like access to some or all of these resources, give us a call. 

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