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Compassionate Accountability Starts With You

Unlock new energy and new possibilities for engaging conflict in healthy ways. Begin your journey by focusing on you. Anyone can take the first step with these publicly available resources.

Conflict without Casualties

Work through the book, Conflict Without Casualties, alone or with your team. Each book includes a FREE personal Drama Resilience Assessment.

The Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit

The Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit Our best collection of self-guided resources for busy leaders to increase their influence through positive conflict. Get four follow-up emails with personal videos and resources from our CEO and author of Conflict Without Casualties, Dr. Nate Regier.

Compassionate Accountability Courses

Available through Next Element or one of our Network Providers. 

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Conflict and You: The Basics of Compassionate Accountability – In this half-day introductory course, discover basic strategies for transforming the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution.

  • Understand your role in drama and negative conflict.
  • Learn to adjust your behavior for healthier and more effective interactions.
  • Feel more confident in engaging in positive conflict with others.
  • Be the person who can do conflict without all the drama. 

Leader’s Application Pack – Four guided handbooks help leaders apply Compassionate Accountabilityin everyday interactions that have the highest potential for drama. Handbooks require 2-4 hours to work through, and culminate with action plans and quick reference guides.

  • Connections: Improve connections, strengthen work relationships and build trust at all levels of the organization.
  • Meetings: Foster an environment of safety, curiosity and consistency in every meeting to increase productivity and achieve results.
  • Performance Conversations: Conduct performance conversations on a regular basis to balance care and concern with attention to results.
  • Apologies: Learn and apply a four-step process for apologies that show humility, take responsibility, regain trust and rebuild relationships.

LOD Core Concepts  In this one-day foundational course, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Compassionate Accountability. You will learn to: 

  • Recognize drama, drama roles and behaviors.
  • Understand cultures of gossip and sabotage.
  • Recognize the difference between drama-based helping and compassion-based helping.
  • Distinguish between good and bad conflict, and how to struggle with, rather than against,  one-another.
  • Recognize three key indicators that you are slipping into drama
  • Identify three choices you can make to stay healthy.
  • Learn and practice the formula for compassionate conflict.
  • Develop a personal action plan to apply Compassionate Accountability skills going forward.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Diagnostics  In this one-day advanced course, you will master the art of recognizing drama and compassion. 

  • Explore the nuances of what drama and compassion look, feel and sound like.  
  • Raise your awareness of drama behaviors and your capability to respond in compassion.
  • Demonstrate and detect the verbal and non-verbal features of each compassion skill.
  • Practice decoding oral and written communication.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Intra-Personal – In this one-day advanced course, master Compassionate Accountability from within. 

  • Explore strategies for being your best self when engaging in conflict.  
  • Discover your own traps and build your toolkit for keeping positive energy and letting go of negative energy.
  • Understand the key stress-coping habits that contribute to your negative behavior.
  • Enhance your personal development plan.

LOD Advanced Conflict Skills: Inter-Personal  In this one-day advanced course, master Compassionate Accountability with others. 

  • Gain greater awareness into drama-based helping and practice strategies for inviting a new approach to being helpful.  
  • Practice strategies to engage  in positive conflict with others by applying the formula for compassionate conflict. 
  • Enhance your personal development plan.

View our course calendar

If you’d prefer professional guidance on the journey, contact one of our LOD certified professionals to ask about coaching or training opportunities.

Dr. Nate Regier on “Living It”

Five signs you’re working with a drama queen
Five things you can do to diffuse the drama

Read Dr. Regier’s article in Inc. Magazine

I’ve found the Compassionate Accountability (LOD) method of significant value and meaning, immediately applicable in my personal and professional life. The ability to cut to the crux of conflict in a positive, constructive way allows me to build great outcomes, so much more than other approaches which have allowed me only to feel unchallenged, legally covered, or justified in getting what I want, regardless of the real value of the outcome.

Millennial Trainer from Australia

In a world where it seems we need to fill an email or text with emojis to make sure the overall feeling is interpreted correctly, this program shows how to make sure any conflict is presented in a positive way with correct emotion, efficiency and effectiveness.

Regional Manager, The Bradbury Group

As a romance writer I am always leading my characters into drama in order to escalate conflict so I can then resolve it by the end of the novel. But I don't want such drama in my personal or professional life! Compassionate Accountability skills were extremely valuable in providing skills and tools for more effective communication to aim for, and maintain, harmonious relationships.

Sydney Australia Participant

We all have drama in some shape or form in our workplace. The Next Element models help you find drama where it lurks, confront it strategically and effectively, and improve communication, collaboration, and accountability by reducing the impact of drama roles in the workplace.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

This course was such a valuable experience and has changed the way I will think about myself and how I show up in particular situations and meetings, but also how I can more constructively engage with others. Absolutely recommend!

CEO - IT Consultancy, Australia

This course has taught me the power of having the right communication both verbally and within thoughts. I am excited to use this personally as I deal with 'drama' daily in a Human Resources position.

Christie Dent
HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

With the framework of understanding and (LOD) skills learned, I found the confidence I needed to invite my team who was experiencing conflict into a new kind of conversation. I knew I did not know the answers, but i was able to trust the compassionate process, and we are at a new place of beginning together again with renewed trust and confidence in one another.

Karen Rice Ratzlaff

"Nate recently delivered Leading Out of Drama to some key leaders in our organization and it was well received, with one participant suggesting we expand the offering to other areas of the company. Another participant stated “This was a wonderful class and I hope to take more.”

Lyle Thiessen, Trainer/Consultant
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

With (Compassionate Accountability) LOD I can add a skill that will help me change the perspective on people and conflict. As trainer, coach and manager, this is a priceless tool for keeping the energy flowing. And it WORKS! Love it.

Millennial Leader

Conflict Without Casualties is a wonderful and powerful resource - I can see how ORPO can be leveraged in innovation and teams for real breakthroughs - without the casualties!

Chris Donlon
Australian Rules Football - Senior Field Umpire & Grand Final Umpire

I found the Leading Out of Drama workshop a great insight into how I participate in drama!! Now that I'm aware of this I intend to avoid putting myself in those positions.

Sydney Australia Participant

Next Element has come up with a beautifully simple and applicable model for approaching conflict with creativity, compassion and collaboration. I'm excited to apply the principles of (Compassionate Accountability) LOD in my own interactions as well as having a new and powerful addition to my coaching toolkit that can exponentially improve my clients' interactions in all walks of their lives.

LOD Provider/Practitioner/Facilitator Certification Participant

The Compassion Cycle is an elegant and powerful tool. I'm amazed at how quickly my own behavior is changing based on the awareness I gained and the ease of applying Compassionate Accountability. All of my day-to-day interactions are becoming more rewarding and require less energy because I can easily apply these new skills to every situation. I feel so much more empowered as a leader, to recognize negative behavior and address it on the spot.

LaRita Jarvis
LOD Provider

The (Compassionate Accountability) skills are intuitive, holistic and easy to "get" - I can see it working well alongside of and instead of other models of communication and conflict. Practice makes perfect and I'm already seeing myself putting into practice the O-R-P-O flow with positive results.

LOD Provider/Practitioner/Facilitator Certification Participant

A nice new approach to handling conflicts. Useful in both personal and business settings. I think application of the Cycle of Compassion requires effort and learning by doing. LOD certainly has the potential to reduce drama in my life. Realizing that potential is the next challenge. Let's go!

LOD Otterlo Participant

Most conflict resolution models can be complicated to the point of diminished usefulness. The elegance of this model is, among other things, it’s simplicity. I believe it is a game-changer.


Yesterday I was faced with an uncomfortable discussion at work between two of my nurses that do not get along. I felt myself become anxious knowing I was going to have to step in the middle and help them work through this situation that had come to a head… I started with sharing how I felt and I was able to break down barriers that both associates had up. I know that it will always be a work in progress, but I am thankful to have this in my toolbox to revert to when needed. Thanks!

Sarah Marko-RN, BSN, CCRN
Cardiothoracic ICU and Vascular Access Team Nurse Manager, Via Christi Hospitals Wichita, Inc.