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Whether you are looking to grow your business or fill a need in your training strategy, LOD certification gives you access to assessments, modular & scalable curriculum, and support to reach your goals.


Conflict and You Basic

“Conflict and You” Introductory Course – Discover basic strategies for transforming the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution. Understand your role in drama and negative conflict. Learn to adjust your behavior for healthier and more effective interactions. Feel more confident in engaging others and be the person who can do conflict without all the drama.

Leader’s Application Pack – Leadership Development in a Box – Four guided application handbooks to leverage Compassionate Accountability in everyday interactions that have the highest drama hot-spots: Meetings, Performance Conversations, Daily Connections and Apologies. Facilitate these handbooks individually or as a set to:

  • Improve connection and strengthen work relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Foster an environment of safety, curiosity & consistency in every meeting to increase productivity and achieve results
  • Conduct performance conversations on a regular basis to build connection, productivity and engagement
  • Rebuild relationships by practicing humility, taking responsibility & restoring trust

Expanded Profiles for Coaching & Mentoring – The full Drama Resilience Assessment is an easy-to-use personal assessment for increasing personal awareness and coaching others around tendencies for drama and compassion. The full profile provides insights into the deeper dynamics of our choices, leading indicators for drama, and drama-based helping patterns. 

Leading Out of Drama Core Concepts  Unpack drama, drama roles and behaviors. Understand cultures of gossip and sabotage. Learn the difference between drama-based helping and compassion-based helping. Learn about good and bad conflict, and how to struggle with one-another rather than against. Learn about the key indicators that tells us we are slipping into drama, and choices we can make to stay healthy. Walk away with a personal development plan to apply compassionate accountability skills going forward.

Advanced Curriculum for LOD Providers wanting to teach in-depth Compassionate Accountability skills – Experience the nuances of what drama and compassion look, feel and sound like with LOD Diagnostic Skills. Discover your own traps and build your toolkit for keeping positive energy and letting go of negative energy with LOD Intra-Personal Conflict. Practice strategies to engage in positive conflict to reset your interpersonal and group dynamics with LOD Inter-Personal Conflict. Read detailed descriptions of all of our courses here.


Secure Assessment and Outcomes Portal
MyNE is Next Element’s secure cloud-based portal to track, manage and organize your LOD activity. Use MyNE to configure and manage program details, communicate with program participants, administer assessments, collect and view outcome metrics, download resources, find answers to your questions, get support, and view a real-time dashboard of your activity and performance. Watch a Demo.

Outcomes Measurement – Measure your training and development efforts with Next Element’s proprietary Outcomes Assessment, NEOS. NEOS is a reliable and valid assessment of a person’s confidence to execute nine critical behaviors for leadership resilience and agility. Measure changes in up to three areas of a person’s life: at home, at work, and with a team. NEOS helps quantify progress on client goals and demonstrates positive changes in how training participants think, feel and act.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Business and Performance Support – Join a world-wide network of passionate, creative and knowledgeable professionals working to change lives and make a difference. Experience what it’s like to be accepted, valued and challenged. Access Next Element’s master trainers virtually or in-person for coaching, program deployment, and skills proficiency development. Participate in NE’s network conferences to further your Compassionate Accountability skills, take advantage of established professional resources, share best practices and get updates on latest developments in LOD.

Do You Like To Read?

Dive into our best-selling book that started the Compassionate Accountability movement.

Conflict without Casualties 3D

Provider Certification

Our lives at work and at home are ripe with opportunity to engage each other in positive, creative and meaningful ways. Yet, we often waste the opportunity by struggling against each other and even ourselves. Learn to see conflict through a refreshing, new, and hopeful lens. Unlock the dynamics of negative conflict and confidently engage others in ways that increase support, creativity, and consistency. We call this Compassionate AccountabilityTM.

Providers can deploy the LOD system, and they are the key to scaled application and sustainability. Providers enjoy a generous referral program, discounts on materials, and an incredible array of support services.

Features & Benefits:

  • Transform the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution
  • Engage the best in yourself and others for lasting and effective change
  • Experience more positivity and creativity while addressing critical issues
  • Use of the online Drama Resilience Assessment
  • Front-line to Executive, scaleable training courses
  • Professional and Affordable materials
  • Online Program Evaluation and Outcomes Tools

What’s involved:

This six-session, virtual certification is delivered live by Next Element in three-hour blocks and costs $5,000. It enables the Provider to teach all LOD courses other than the Advanced Curriculum, which requires additional course work and skills verification. Certified providers receive membership in Next Element’s global support network and many other benefits (annual network fee applies).

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Every person who interacts with clients or manages employees needs to learn Compassionate Accountability, because without it you might as well be flying blind. In the decades that I've been designing and delivering corporate training, I have not come across anything even remotely as effective for retaining talented staff, boosting productivity, reducing the time it takes to inspire healthy turnover as well as creating culture of innovation and engagement.

LaRita Jarvis
LOD Provider

"Unbeatable professional development, the most significant postgraduate training in my 35-yr career. Will impact on every facet of my professional and private life. Life-changing”

Dr. David Woods
LOD Provider

Why do I feel so good after contact with Next Element? Because the team practices the Compassion Cycle in every interaction. I feel safe to work through problems and find solutions. Sometimes I just call to recharge my battery! Thank you for being there when I need you. Even though I live and work in Romania, I feel like Next Element is by my side as I grow my training business.

Daniela Ciobatar
LOD Certified Provider, DC Catalyst

With LOD I can add a skill that will help me change the perspective on people and conflict. As trainer, coach and manager, this is a priceless tool for keeping the energy flowing. And it WORKS! Love it.

Trainer from The Netherlands

"I’ve been exposed to a lot of different models in various contexts, yet I’ve found no paradigm more potent than Compassionate Accountability inasmuch as it hits the sweet spot of understandable simplicity with transformative power."

Mat Dewing, Regional President
Pivot Physical Therapy

We all have drama in some shape or form in our workplace. The Next Element models help you find drama where it lurks, confront it strategically and effectively, and improve communication, collaboration, and accountability by reducing the impact of drama roles in the workplace.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

This course has taught me the power of having the right communication both verbally and within thoughts. I am excited to use this personally as I deal with 'drama' daily in a Human Resources position.

Christie Dent
HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

MyNE is the most cohesive program management tool I've found. Being able to track clients, programs and materials in one place, real time allows me the flexibility to say 'YES' when clients are seeking customized programs, late changes, and digital access.

Paul Larkin
LOD Certified Provider, Australia

I firmly believe that Compassionate Accountability is a foundational leadership competency and I am increasingly seeing the power and benefit of its application. As a leadership coach for activists and socially conscious businesses, it is a privilege to be able to facilitate the development of such an intuitive, simple and authentic approach that can only accelerate positive change in the world.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

LOD is easy to sell to my clients because it is elegantly simple and people walk away with working knowledge within the first 20 minutes. They are immediately hooked. They see and receive value right away.

Adam Barlow-Thompson
Certified LOD Provider


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