Seven Timeless Leadership Principles Revealed During Crisis

Here are seven timeless leadership principles that were real before Covid-19, but certainly have been revealed more clearly during this crisis. Embracing them makes you a better leader (and more happy in general).

Control is an illusion

The more you try, the less efficient you get.

Authentic anger is one of the last frontiers for true intimacy

This isn’t the same as anger turned inward (depression), projected anger (rage), or passive-aggression.

Protection is an illusion

The bigger the wall, the bigger the shadow.

Ultimately, only you can make the next decision

Someone may try to make it for you. Then again, maybe nobody will.

You are one hundred percent responsible for you

Freedom is only possible when you own your own crap.

Openness is the only path to connection

Vulnerability is what brings people together. We don’t need saviors, we need partners.

You will fall down

Gravity is a real thing. Denying it doesn’t end well.

Great leadership is revealed and honed during crisis. Embracing these seven truths is what compassionate leadership is all about, during crisis and beyond.

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