Pixar’s Secret Weapon all Leaders Should Know About

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Pixar Studios has created some of the biggest blockbuster animated motion pictures in history. From The Incredibles, to Nemo, to Cars, their movies resonate with all ages and keep us coming back for more.

Pixar has a secret weapon. They use a language-based personality and communication model called Process Communication to help design their characters and storylines. PCM was discovered and developed by a psychologist, Dr. Taibi Kahler, to be a highly sophisticated model of personality that provides deep insights into the psychology of personality, including highly predictable modeling of how different personalities are gifted, prefer to communicate, are motivated, and how they behave in distress. Dr. Kahler found strong connections between personality type and Greek mythology, developmental psychology, and leadership.

PCM has helped Pixar develop characters and storylines that relate to a much broader audience, one of the reasons for their amazing success. In fact, the movie Brave won the Academy award for Best Animated Feature. Brave producer, Katherine Sarafian, is trained in PCM. The main character, Merida, is patterned after the Rebel Base personality type in the PCM model. Merida’s mother, with whom she has the most power struggles and eventually reconciles, is patterned after the Persister Base personality type. Inside Out, Pixar’s 2015 release, takes you inside a person’s head to meet all the personality types within each of us. Kahler and PCM were mentioned in a recent Huffington Post article about Inside Out.

For nearly 40 years leaders around the world have used PCM to improve communication, increase engagement, motivate better, reduce conflict, connect with audiences, and design more effective communications strategies. If you’d like to learn more about PCM, including Trainer Certification programs, contact us.

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