Improve Your Life, In 30 Minutes, By Changing One Thing

I spent my entire formal education (and a ton of money) learning how to think and talk in complicated ways. I was convinced that it made me look smart and trustworthy and important.

When I graduated and began practicing clinical psychology I quickly learned that nobody really cares how smart you are if you can’t translate it into something they can use. I also learned that very few people care how much you know until the know how much you care.

Relationships and communication is where the transformation happens.

When I first heard Dennis Embry talk about Kernels, the fundamental units of behavioral influence, I was immediately hooked!

Imagine a behavior so simple that you can change it right now. Imagine if that behavior could change your life and circumstances for the better. And if you are really dreaming big, imagine that this one behavior could bring more compassion into the world.

We’ve spent years researching, testing, and distilling our methods into models that we think are pretty elegant. But when it comes to our field of specialization – compassion, communication and conflict – things can still get a little complicated.

So, we are taking it one step further with Next Element’s Leadership Skills webinars. Each webinar will present, in 30 minutes, a single behavior kernel for leaders. Our goal is that each lesson:

  • Is so simple you can implement it immediately,
  • Helps you positively influence your life and circumstances,
  • and demonstrates compassion.

We are selecting kernels that our clients have said made the biggest difference, and which can solve immediate problems leaders are facing right now.

These webinars are free because if we are serious about our mission to bring more compassion to every workplace, it starts with equipping you to go be part of the solution today.

Click here to see what we have coming up!

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