Immersion Experience

Leadership Boot Camp

For leaders and change agents who want exposure and access to internationally renowned communication tools, Next Element offers an immersion experience. It’s a powerful, two-day, high-intensity event designed to boost skills for positive conflict and effective communication. Bookended by pre-immersion assessment/goal-setting and post-immersion coaching sessions, it is truly a customized leadership boot camp.

Next Element’s immersion event is fast-paced, intense, deep, revealing, empowering, focused, challenging and initially a little terrifying. I went in feeling like I was channeling my 10-year-old, go-to-camp, kicking-and-screaming self. I left feeling 10 feet tall. You go in with communication pain, and come out with a prescription for success.

For individual leaders, the immersion will help you discover your personal motivation, communication and conflict patterns. It will dramatically improve your communication effectiveness with different personalities in conflict in your company or organization.

For teams, this experience will be one of the most revealing, empowering team-development initiatives you’ve ever undertaken.

I left feeling like I could be more authentic and approachable with my team, and better at understanding others and negotiating conflict. I believe I can trade anger and disappointment when things don’t go well for self-awareness, intentionality in how I communicate and compassionate accountability. Bottom line, this immersion will make me a more agile and effective leader because I can quickly identify leadership behavior patterns that undermine my company’s success.

Immersion events are located and scheduled to maximize efficiency for busy leaders. They’re designed to create a challenging, cohort type of experience for leaders seeking to gain self-awareness and expand the boundaries of their leadership effectiveness. Every immersion is facilitated by Dr. Nate Regier, Next Element CEO and Co-Founding owner, and author of two books on leadership communication and conflict. Cohort size is limited to facilitate the highest quality experience.

As an attorney and domestic mediator, I have found what I learned to be essential in dealing with recent high stress, intense negotiations. Did it give me all the answers? No. Did it help me navigate the treacherous waters of human interaction with all under stress? Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe, like a thousand or so.

Event Details

Immersion covers individual pre- and post-immersion sessions, assessments, 2-day immersion experience, all participant materials, welcome reception, and lunches.

Attire is casual

Immersion Experience is facilitated by Dr. Nate Regier, PhD, Co-founding owner & CEO of Next Element, and author of the newly released book “Conflict without Casualties”.

Immersions are held as public events, and can also be booked for company leadership retreats. Contact us if you’d like a customized immersion for your team.


Pre-Assessment and Coaching Session

Participants complete two on-line assessments (The Personality Pattern Inventory and Drama Resilience Assessment) and complete a one-hour pre-immersion coaching session with Nate Regier to review results, set goals, and prepare to maximize the experience.

Day 1: Opening reception at 5:30 – 7:00 pm

The event kicks off with an evening reception beginning at 5:30 PM. This allows same-day travel and a chance to get to know fellow participants before diving into the learning experience.

Day 2: Immersion, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Immersion runs from 8:00 – 5:00 with catered lunch. Evening plans are flexible, depending on the group’s preference.

Day 3: Immersion, 8:00 am – 12:00 noon

Immersion ends promptly at noon, allowing same-day travel home if desired.

Post-Immersion Coaching

A follow-up session with Dr. Regier reviews goal progress, homework assignments, follow-up questions, and provides reinforcement for new skills.

Note: Follow-up sessions for in-tact team immersions can be done in a group or individual setting, as desired.

A team retreat with real impact

Bring the immersion to your team. The program is adaptable for intact teams, and can be delivered at your location of choice. Include it as part of your company conference, pair it with a organization-wide keynote by Dr. Regier, or build it into your leadership development programming.

Call 316.283.4200 to learn about upcoming immersions, or book a private session for your team.

Past immersion highlights

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