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Is anyone else curious or perplexed by the use of IMHO – In My Humble Opinion?

If brevity or efficiency is your motivation for using an acronym, why not get rid of it altogether and just say what you have to say?

If making sure people know you are simply sharing an opinion, my guess is your readers, friends, and colleagues already know your typical perceptual filter. They don’t need to be reminded.

If you feel compelled to advertise that your opinion is humble, consider the irony.

Nevertheless, opinions are an valuable filter or lens through which some people experience the world.

People who experience the world through opinions are generally quite dedicated, conscientious, and observant. They value loyalty and trust.They have strong convictions and judge the world (and themselves) against these convictions. That’s why they have so many opinions. So asking them to remove opinion language from their communication is like asking a mathematician to stop being logical.

Opinions is only one of six perceptual filters discovered by Taibi Kahler, the developer of the Process Communication Model. Every personality has a perceptual frame of reference, which is evident in spoken and written language. Recognizing perceptions is a powerful window into personality. PCM teaches people how to recognize their own and others’ perceptual filters and adjust communication accordingly. Click here to experience all six perceptions in 3 minutes.

I was recently meeting with the new president of a local college who is leading a new vision/mission process. He emphasized the power of filters in determining the perspective people take around new ideas. As part of this process, he is inviting his faculty to submit their own ideas for mission/vision, and to adopt different “lenses” to evaluate others’ proposals.

Realizing our own filters, and being able to see life from others’ point of view is a critical life skill and leadership competency.

Attend a PCM course to learn more.

Are you a trainer, coach or consultant looking for great communication tools? Next Element is a US Distributor of PCM and offers regular Train the Trainer certifications. 


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  • Alan Badgley
    July 15, 2015 9:17 am

    Well put in short.

  • I think my use of IMHO comes directly from knowledge of PCM.

    As a base Thinker, I used to just state my opinion assuming that others would understand that this is just a transfer of information (computer to computer). That doesn’t translate well in text-based communication. Ask me how I know. (or don’t you probably know already)

    But through those four little letters, I can lighten the mood (rebels), make it personal (Harmonizer and Persister), and offer a challenge (promoters).

  • I have a humble opinion about this post. And it really isn’t all that humble either. But then you already knew that.

  • Diane Sherwood
    June 24, 2018 6:01 pm

    I’ve inderstood that IMHO could stand for honest, not humble. Therefore, IMHO, I think Kenton’s got something!

    • Thanks, Diane. Do opinions need to be qualified as honest? Are there dishonest opinions? I’m always leery when someone says, “Could I be honest with you?” Like they aren’t honest the rest of the time?


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