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Hope Is In The Grey

Extremes are not who we are, it’s how we behave when we are afraid, sad, anxious, angry, desperate, lonely, and disconnected. When we go to extremes, division is inevitable. It’s tragic since this is when we most need to feel heard and seen.

It can feel hopeless staring into the divide, wondering how we will go forward as a family, a community or a nation when we feel so far apart.

Division is an opportunity to invite dialogue. Not about our extreme positions or dogmas, because all that does is fuel our cover-up selves. Instead, we can dialogue about our cravings for connection and impact.

How do you want to be seen?

What gives you hope?

What are you most afraid of?

What connections and activities are most life-giving for you?

What have you lost that was significant? 

Compassion helps us have curious dialogue that invites people into the grey areas between us. In the grey there are no black and white positions, no swords to fall on, and no judgment. In the grey we are open and curious, seeking to understand and validate the human behind the extremes.

In the grey there is hope.

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