Compassion Re-Imagined for 2020

2020 will be a year of great challenge and great opportunity. Division and drama are at an all time high. Globally 85% of workers are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. Yet everywhere we travel around the world, leaders tell us they are craving positive connections and authentic relationships. They are tired of the drain and want their energy back! They are looking for a better way.

Compassion is the answer, but not the kind of compassion we are currently practicing. We need a new kind of compassion that will equip us to face the biggest workplace challenges of this generation.

That’s why our theme and mission for 2020 is Compassion Re-Imagined. I believe that our suite of tools, The Compassion Mindset, Process Communication Model, and Leading Out of Drama, equip leaders and companies to meet the challenge. More importantly, I believe that re-imagining compassion can give new hope for anyone who is ready to stop the drain and take back their energy.

Here are just a few of the things we have planned.

My new keynote, The Compassion Effect, reveals five misconceptions about compassion that could be holding you back, and presents a re-imagined framework for compassion that can unlock new hope and possibilities.

In July my new book launches; Seeing People Through: Unleash Your Leadership Potential with the Process Communication Model. With this book we have re-imagined how compassionate leadership and personality come together.

Our Compassion Mindset online course allows leaders to re-imagine compassion in their lives, at their own pace. Start your journey today!

We have begun publishing a free monthly collection of curated compassion resources. Subscribe now.

In my blog I will continue to share practical tips for how compassion re-imagined can help you be more, do more, and make a bigger difference.

Will you join the movement bring compassion to every workplace in the world?

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