Being Against is Not a Position

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The devil has enough advocates.  Reach higher.

Being against something is easy and requires very little effort.  All you have to do is come up with one reason to disagree, one thing you don’t like, one difference between you and the other person, or a “what if..” scenario that casts doubt or instills fear.  For great examples of how to do this, watch media coverage of politics.

If opposition is your default position, I’m guessing most of your conversations are dead-end streets and you aren’t considered an inspirational leader or high-value change-agent. 

It takes much more courage to be open to ideas and possibilities, see the whole picture, pursue the best obtainable version of the truth.  You have to be willing to challenge old habits and outdated beliefs, get honest with yourself, disclose your most personal agendas, and let go of your excuses for changing. Plato defined wisdom as the ability to simultaneously entertain opposing points of view.  Entertaining a point of view doesn’t mean to endorse it, agree with it, or to become a believer overnight.  It means to give it a chance, resist the knee jerk reaction to oppose, and put your ego aside.

The devil has enough advocates.  Reach higher.

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