Androgynous Soul

Leadership Communication, PCM

A popular sentiment in these ‘me too’ times is justifiably that men should have a feminine side in order to appreciate, value and respect women more. In fairness to those of any gender perhaps we should all have an ‘androgynous soul’.

The fact is that all men do have a ‘feminine side’ and all women do have a ‘masculine side’. It’s inaccurate to say that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Forty years of research with over a million men and women in multiple countries prove that men have and can access their feeling part, and women have and can access their logical part.

Research on personality/gender shows that 30% of the North American population leads with the “Feeler” part of their personality and fully one quarter of those Feelers are male. Twenty five percent of the population leads with their “Thinker” personality part and one quarter of those Thinkers are female. Misunderstanding this fact can easily lead to labeling, stereotypes, and prejudice.

It’s not about types of people, it’s about types in people.

We all have access to different parts within us. Connecting with and appreciating differences in others starts first by connecting with and appreciating that part within ourselves. Nurture your androgynous soul for greater awareness and appreciation of others.

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