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The Process Communication Model (PCM) is an internationally acclaimed language-based personality and communication model developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler.

We employ PCM to help leaders lead, and employees work together more productively. Through this nuanced model, we focus equally on how communication happens, as well as what is said.


Our team of certified Process Communication trainers teach a proprietary method that allows a person to more effectively influence others, while drawing on their strengths. Within PCM, you’ll learn to shape your dialog depending on the personality types and communication styles of your audience.

Executives learn new leadership skills, conflict management methods and strategies to more effectively deal with clients.

Does it work? Yes. From NASA, to Pixar Animation Studios, to a past U.S. President, PCM has been used worldwide to yield practical and immediate results in improved messaging, influence and conflict resolution.

With sustained effort and application, our clients have realized significant reductions in workplace drama, profound changes among individuals on the team and transformed client relationships. We followed up with our clients and learned:


  • 100% of participants said they experienced an immediate and practical impact from PCM.
  • 95% said they would recommend PCM to others.
  • More than 95% of our clients rated PCM as superior to any other model of communication and personality training they had used.
  • One company experienced 20-40% reduction in counter-productive behaviors among their leadership team. Another demonstrated over 500% return on their leadership communication investment with Next Element. Yet another saved $50,000 through more productive and efficient leadership meetings.

PCM works. We routinely collect data on how PCM impacts a variety of key outcomes for our clients. To see a report of our PCM outcomes, click here.


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We offer these public PCM Seminars throughout the year:

For current public offerings, please visit our Course Schedule. – Kahler Communication Europe

The Process Communication Model® is a domestically and internationally registered trademark of Kahler Communications, Inc.  Next Element trainers are licensed and certified independent distributors of the Process Communication Model® and all materials related thereto, which are the proprietary rights of Kahler Communications, Inc. The Kahler name is used by express permission and this person, entity, or firm is otherwise not associated with, nor owned, in whole or part, or controlled or managed by Kahler Communications, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies.

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