PCM: Trainer Certification

Process Communication Model (PCM®) Trainer Certification and Licensing

Equips trainers with a complete toolkit to use PCM in their professional development business.

  • Order Personality Pattern Inventory output reports for individuals and groups.
  • Teach PCM courses.
  • Join the worldwide PCM trainer network


Attend PCM: Core Topics and PCM: Advanced Conflict Resolution seminars

 Trainer Certification (5 days)

  • Pay $3500 certification fee ($750 of this is a non-refundable deposit required upon registration.)
  • Pass a written exam of course content
  • Demonstrate competency in PCM concepts through role-plays and demonstrations
  • Review PCM Facilitator Guides
  • Teach selected segments of PCM courses

Costs to Trainer following Certification

Each PCM individual or seminar application is individually priced for wholesale and retail. Details are available in the PCM Policy Manual. Ask your PCM Master Trainer for details.

Trainer Support

  • Listed on Kahler Communications website
  • Invited to attend PCM Bi-Annual PCM International Congress
  • Invitation to attend PCM Trainer Days with Next Element
  • LinkedIn PCM groups

To register, email: Michele@next-element.com or call: 316.283.4200

Cancellation Policy: There is no refund for the $750 deposit. No refunds will be given once a course has started.  Next Element reserves the right to cancel a course if less than the minimum number of participants enroll.  Full refunds will be made should such cancellation be required.

2014 Public Course Schedule

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