Taking People at Face Value

It’s so cool to anticipate what someone is going to do next!  You’d be a soothsayer if you could predict how someone will respond in a certain situation.  We could make millions by finding that right motivational mix to inspire each employee, target market, or prospect.

“Earth to space, come in space…” Before you apply your Process Communication Model knowledge to conquering the world, how about starting with the most fundamental challenge in your life – responding to what is right in front of you.  The discipline of PCM is about mastering the art of taking people at face value, of “seeing them for who they are,” and honoring it.  Check out our interactive PCM website!

PCM offers tools for you to decode words, tones, postures, gestures, and facial expressions and adapt your approach to precisely compliment the receiver.  Doing this well will transform your patient satisfaction metrics, employee engagement scores, and lead to more fulfilling relationships.

First, learn to take people at face value.  Then let’s schedule a time to discuss changing the world!


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Nate Regier, Co-Owner/Trainer

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