We are the world. Will you make it better?

You. Me. Anyone. Everyone. Neighbor. Parent. Teacher. Lector. Mayor. Majority leader. Committee chair. Celebrity newscaster. Clerk. CEO. We are the axes in every place in every nation. Will you use your influence as a trainer or leader or coach to help people see, hear and respond to the world more openly, resourcefully and persistently? Take the next step.

Lean into conflict. Lead out of drama.


The Holiday Breakthrough: Dig Deeper

I can't think of any other time during the year that provides so many challenging opportunities. At work, we are dealing with the end of the year: budget, planning, finishing, preparing...all at once. No matter if the context and content is personal or professional we will experience very specific emotions and behaviors. There is an opportunity for breakthrough here. The question is, will we see it?
Wash D.C.

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